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Wedding Ring Guide

A wedding ring is a symbolic piece of jewelry, and it is also one of the few pieces of jewelry that you will wear every single day. So it pays to choose wisely! Use the guidance below to help in making a decision.
It is traditional to wear a wedding ring closest to the heart, and wear the engagement ring on the same finger, over the wedding ring. If you choose this tradition, consider how the rings will fit together. We offer a various collection of wedding rings for a wife to be.


A prong setting allows more light into the diamond for maximum brilliance. A channel setting protects diamonds from abrasions and offers a smoother look. A three-stone diamond ring symbolizes your past, present, and future together.
Simple plain wedding bands are very traditional and can range from very slim bands to broad bands. This style is particularly suited to the brides looking for matching wedding ring sets with the men’s wedding bands. For those looking for more unique designs that suite their personalities, there are few great wedding ring options. View our diamond rings and Trio sets

A Perfect Match

Some rings are designed to fit together, side-by-side. Many women like the symmetry of two matching rings, with diamonds of the same size and shape, or just the same type of metal.
View our bridal sets

A Unique Combination

Women may choose a ring other than the one designed to match her engagement ring. This creates a unique look that is becoming popular.


ince 20th century, wedding rings in white gold, or platinum, have really gained popularity. Diamond wedding rings set in white gold or platinum can perfectly match most of diamond engagement rings easily, as the lightness of the metal really makes the diamonds shine. However, yellow gold and diamond wedding rings can also be perfect for the bride-to-be who likes that something a bit different.

If an engagement ring is already being worn, the style and metal type of this must be considered. A wedding band should complement an engagement ring. Also, the metal of the wedding band must match that of the engagement ring as if one is platinum and the other is gold, over time, the gold will be worn away. To learn more about different metals, read our Metal Education.

Ring Width

Women generally prefer ring width in 5mm range if this wedding ring is to be worn alone. If the wedding ring is to be paired with an engagement ring, the most popular choices are 3mm to 4mm range. Absolutely, it's a personal decision of choosing your wedding ring.

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Men’s Wedding Band Guide

A wedding ring is an enduring symbol of love and commitment. Rather than rush in, it makes sense to think carefully and choose your wedding ring as wisely as you chose your bride!
Today, men have more choices than ever for choosing a wedding ring. However, men don’t often linger or browse when shopping. It is unlikely that that you enjoy shopping. This is not unusual; typically. However, since wedding rings are so significant, it is only fair to give your choice of wedding jewelry a bit more attention.

Matching Styles

Particularly, compared to Classic plain wedding rings, modern styles are more varied and provide more options. Some couples choose matching men's and women's wedding rings or want a more fashion forward style with unique detailing. In addition, some men’s wedding ring styles are stand alone but others can perfectly match women’s wedding rings or engagement rings beautifully matching wedding rings. In some cases, the bride and groom’s wedding rings can complement each other whilst not matching, for example both may be a wedding ring in white gold, but the bride’s may be an eternity ring style whilst the grooms has only a single diamond.


Similar to women’s wedding rings, there are a wide range of metal options available for men’s wedding bands. Each metal has its unique qualities and color tones. The common metals for men’s wedding bands are Platinum, Gold and Titanium. To learn more about different metals, view our Metal Education.


The most popular width for a men’s wedding band is approximated 6mm. Narrow band rings, say of 4mm, can be easier to get used to but on many men’s fingers these can look small. if you are used to wearing jewelry, or a big guy, a wider band (8mm or 9mm) may suit better. Or Also comfort fit ring helps you quickly get used to wearing a ring. It is possible to choose a ring with a curved interior face so that the ring is altogether more comfortable. Ultimately it's a personal decision of choosing your wedding ring.

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